ADCC invitee Peinado celebrates another dream

Peinado at No-Gi Brazilian Nationals / Photo: Carlos Ozório

Antonio Peinado is one of the latest beneficiaries of an invitation to compete at ADCC 2011, the grappling tournament with the most tradition, to take place September in England.

“I got confirmation by email and I’m going to compete at 99kg. I was here in New York training with Marcelo Garcia, helping him get ready for the ADCC. I got the news, so now I’m training to compete alongside Marcelo!” Peinado tells

“I always wished to compete at the event. I remember helping Marcelo train for his first ADCC when I was a blue belt. At that time, I told him it was a dream of mine,” adds the current Brazilian national No-Gi champion.

Peinado carries on training in New York at our GMA Marcelo Garcia’s academy. There, the team will be receiving even more reinforcements.

“Luanna (Alzuguir), Gabi Garcia and Cobrinha will be coming up too. We’ll be going into the ADCC strong, and I for sure will be well trained,” he says in closing.

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