ADCC 2017 Top 2 Fighter Stat: Felipe Pena And Gordon Ryan

We all know how good Gordon Ryan and Felipe Pena are. Both are two of the most well-known faces in competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

But just how good are they?

Check out the stats below and see for yourself:

Felipe Pena ADCC 2017 Stat:

[player_details id=”70650″ align=”none”]

-99kg weight class

  • First Round: Submits Yukiyasu Ozawa via armbar
  • Quarter Finals: defeats Abdurakhman Bilarov via 5 points
  • Semi Finals: defeats Rafael Lovato Jr via Decision
  • Finals: lost to Yuri Simoes via 2 points


  • First Round: defeats Celso Vinicius via 6 points
  • Quarter Finals: defeats Victor Honório via 15 points
  • Semi Finals: Submits Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida via Rear Naked Choke
  • Finals: defeats Gordon Ryan via 6 points

Gordon Ryan ADCC 2017 Stat:

[player_statistics id=”70647″ align=”none”]

-88kg weight class

  • First Round: defeats Dillon Danis via decision
  • Quarter Finals: submits Romulo Barral via Rear Naked Choke
  • Semi Finals: defeats Xande Ribeiro via referee decision
  • Finals: submits Keenan Cornelius via mounted guillotine


  • First Round: submits Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu via Heelhook
  • Quarter Finals: submits Craig Jones via head and arm choke
  • Semi Finals: Submits Mahamed Aly via Heelhook
  • Finals: Lost to Felipe Pena via 6 points

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