Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Rio de Janeiro planning parajiu-jitsu celebration

faixa roxa Kelvin Clay lutando em Abu Dhabi Foto de Marko Nyman

Purple-belt Kelvin Clay fighting in Abu Dhabi. Marko Nyman

The month of November is looking good for BJJ fans. Between the 10th and 12th, the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam returns to Rio de Janeiro.

For this event the UAEJJF is making changes to the parajiu-jitsu matches, in which disabled fighters compete. Among the plans, according to conversations being had between athletes and the organization, is that this leg of the World Tour will kick off the parajiu-jitsu rankings.

Points toward the rankings will be counted over the course of three legs and will award the top competitors of the 13 parajiu-jitsu categories tickets to the Abu Dhabi World Pro in the UAE — just like in normal divisions of tournaments held by the federation.

The two other legs that will count toward the rankings in Brazil have yet to be announced. In total, the country has 56 registered parajiu-jitsu athletes — more than the 55 that made up the entirety of the last parajiu-jitsu world championship.

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