Abmar prepares for Pan: “I can’t think only about Kayron”

Abmar Barbosa is a worldwide competition standout, having won the Asian and Honolulu Opens, for example. Now, the middleweight is getting ready for his favorite one of all, the Jiu-Jitsu Pan, to kick off March 24 in California. Last year he was stuck with second place, losing only to champion Kayron Gracie.

Check out what he had to tell

Abmar chokes Mike Fowler at Asian Open.

Will you compete at the Pan again?

Of course! The Pan is my favorite competition.

What do you have brewing that’s different for this year?

What I’m doing is the same thing I did last year. I do the same training, just this time with greater intensity.

Last year only Kayron was able to beat you at the Pan. Do you have any surprises for that “rubber-like” guard of his?

No way of beating Kayron’s guard has popped into my head. What goes through my head is being in good shape to deal with any position. At black belt you can’t think just about one fighter or one certain position. At black you have to simply be well all around.

Robert Drysdale announced the other day that there will be a training camp for the Pan (see here). Are you in?

I’ll be at the training camp to be held by my team, Drysdale Jiu-Jitsu. I’ll be there and soon after the Pan I’ll head to Abu Dhabi to compete at the World Pro, as well. Thank you,, for the interview! I’d like to make it clear I’m doing everything I can to not let anyone down and to show the good “Jiu-Jipsu” in competition, as my grandmother would say (laughs)! Best wishes to all!

To as Abmar does, participate at the Pan. Find out more here.

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