A week of training with Kyra

Kyra at the 2009 Worlds, in a photo by John Lamonica

Kyra at the 2009 Worlds, in a photo by John Lamonica

The ladies who wish to brush up on their ground fighting technique shall have the opportunity to learn from one of those who know best over an entire week. Kyra Gracie will hold a Jiu-Jitsu camp between the 24th of February and the 3rd of March, in Rio de Janeiro.

In the eight-day training program, the timetable will be intense and varied. Kyra’s camp is restricted to women, and those to sign up will have access to an interesting set of activities:

– A private lesson with Kyra and two more semi-private classes;

– Board at a hotel in the Barra borough of Rio de Janeiro;

– Breakfast included every day;

– Tourism excursions to Sugar Loaf and Corcovado;

– Boxing at Nobre Arte;

– Natural gymnastics class on the beach;

– Hike up Gávea Mountain

– Transport to all activities included, as well as to airport (to and from).

Not to mention, of course, lots of Jiu-Jitsu training. To secure your place, email the fighter at

Greater information on the website:

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