A great weekend for Renato Tavares

This weekend was  great for GMA member Renato Tavares.

He had his first association Meeting and for the first time he put a team to represent RT Association at a IBJJF event.

The weekend started with 10 of his coaches and students from the RTA to come train in Vero Beach and compete at Miami Open.

Renato had 19 competitors in Miami and he couldn’t ask for better results:

9 gold medals (Renato Tavares, Piet Wilhelm, Lucas Morley, Travis Conley (Absolut), David Benett, Jillian Bunin, Melissa Bentley, Will Buck and Todd Cutler )

4 silvers ( Travis Conley, Tommy Wales, Suraj and Victoria)

6 bronzes ( Digby, Jeremy Meton, Wayne Marble, Ethan Day, Marcelo Menezes and Abe Estacio).

Tavares won his division and also  recieved from IBJJF and USBJJF his certificate of Black Belt 4th degree. But the weekend didnt finish there, after the event they had a meeting with his coaches from Kentucky, Oklahoma,Missouri,Kansas, Maryland,Tennesse and Florida to set up goals for 2011 and later that night he gave his 10th Black Belt to Coach Piet Wilhelm.

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