A day of black belts’ favorite techniques

Claudio França and his young troop. Photo: personal archives.

Energies replenished following a surf trip to El Salvador, Claudio França had even more to be pleased upon his return to California. At the No-Gi Worlds, the teacher some his young students take third in the overall juvenile team contest. American Top Team won the division, with Santa Fe BJJ in second.

“All the kids who went earned medals. That’s great incentive for the guys who are just starting out in competition,” he said in jubilation.

Claudio now invites everyone to attend his academy’s next seminar, the intriguing “Black belt’s Favorite Techniques,” coming up November 20 at Claudio França academy in Santa Cruz, California.

At the event, each of the academy’s black belts will share his favorite technique with participants. Furthermore, there’s a drive to collect toys to be distributed during end-of-the-year festivities.

The seminar starts at 1pm local time. For further information, visit

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