A cordial but thrilling weight-in

Minota and Brendan in staredown / Photo: UFC

Hordes of fans packed the HSBC Arena to watch the UFC Rio weigh-ins.

First, though, there was a questions and answers with superstars Junior Cigano, Lyoto Machida, José Aldo and Royce Gracie, with Vitor Belfort mediating with the crowd.

“What do you expect from Anderson,” asked one fan.

“He always comes up with something new, like he did with Vitor,” replied Cigano, sitting next to Belfort, drawing a round of laughter from everyone, even Vitor.

Next, following a screening of “Countdown,” the fighters made their entrance. Every foreigner to file in was promptly booed. Anderson Silva, one of those receiving the most applause along with Rodrigo Minotauro and Maurício Shogun,” summed the mood up neatly: “It will be Brazil against the rest of the world!”

True rivalry, though, never really surfaced. Without posturing, without exchanging offenses the fighters greeted each other and went off to settle their appetites and quench their thirst. The action looks like it will be contained within the octagon.

Check out the full weigh-ins:

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