2020 Pan: See who advances to the Sunday matches

Gustavo Batista and Luiza Monteiro, both from Atos, will be seen in the absolute finals. 

Saturday was an electrifying day at the 2020 Pan.

In the first section of the day, fighters competed in the absolute. The male athletes that made it to Sunday’s finals were Fellipe Andrew (Alliance), who beat Murilo Santana (Unity), and Gustavo batista (Atos), who defeated Max Gimenis (GFTeam) in their semifinal match.

Luiza Monteiro (Atos) is also a finalist, having beaten Gabrielle McComb (Gracie Humaitá) — as is Rafaela Guedes (Atos), who defeated Maria Malyjasiak (Abmar Barbosa). Luiza and Rafaela, both from the team led by André Galvão, are likely to close ranks in the absolute on Sunday after doing their matches in the lightweight and middleweight divisions, respectively.

Check Graciemag’s Instagram @graciemagoficial for pictures and results in real time on Sunday, the final day of the 2020 Pan.

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