2015 Worlds: Buchecha gets hurt and is out; Faria vs. Trans; Elias vs. Obelenyte in the open class finals

selo_hayabusaThe black belt open class finals for the 2015 Worlds have been defined.

The first defining moment in the male bracket was the quarterfinals match between Marcus Buchecha and Ricardo Evangelista.

Winning 4-2 but behind in the advantages, Buchecha could not resist a last attempt of sweeping by Evangelista and ended up giving up the two points.

Worst than that, Buchecha twisted his left knee and is out of the 2015 Worlds.


Evangelista went on to the semifinal and gave way to Alex Trans, his workmate in Abu Dhabi.

Trans got to the semifinal after beating Gustavo Elias 6-0 and then outscoring Murilo Santana 2-0.

In the quarterfinals, Trans caught Abraham Marte on a leglock to win.


On the other side of the bracket, Bernardo Faria finished all his opponents.

First he choked Roberto Alencar from the back and then he caught Erberth Santos on a leg lock.

Faria’s opponent in the semifinal was Leandro Lo, who also had a great run.


Lo debuted with a 9-4 win over Tarcisio Jardim and then waged a all-out war against Keenan Cornelius.

He won 8-4 after defending a tight double attack by Keenan.

In the semifinal, Bernardo played on top to pass the guard and finish on the armlock.


In the fimale division, the first semifinal was between Bia Mesquita and Monique Elias.

Monique swept in the beginning and kept her position until the end to win 2-0.


On the other semifinal, Dominyka Obelenyte nedded only one advantage to beat Mackenzie Dern.

The open class finals take place this Sunday.


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