10 tips from Kron Gracie to white-belts

Kron and Rickson Gracie.

A son of the legendary Rickson Gracie, Kron learned a lot from Dad before becoming one of the big names in the family. An ADCC champion, Kron Gracie is also a teacher who passes on to the students of his California gym some of the lessons he learned from Rickson. Here’s a collection of teachings inspired by many of Kron’s interviews.

1 – Know how to properly break your opponent’s grips and steer the fight towards your game.

2 – In BJJ, strength doesn’t last forever. Relying too much on the strength of your grips is like asking to tire your hands and lose the match. Strive to always fight similarly in or out of the gi, without depending so much on hands on the sleeve and pants.

3 – Before sweeping your opponent, endeavor to tire them out.

4 – Sparring only with teammates as tough as you may make you tougher, but it won’t necessarily make your techniques better.

5 – Competing in BJJ is for some; training BJJ is for all. Focus on improving daily at training, but, if the adrenaline isn’t up your alley, don’t sweat it.

6 – Good BJJ is striving to always be one step ahead of your opponent.

7 – There are several methods for training BJJ and maximizing your techniques without the need to spar with a guy who’s as dangerous as you. We improve a lot when we train with the less experienced, against whom we can try out the best way of executing different techniques.

8 – BJJ isn’t about winning or losing in sparring sessions. What is important in the gym is to notice whether you know the time to defend and the time to attack, whether you know where each position is done, and whether you notice the right time to try for a submission.

9 – In BJJ, you always need to have an option.

10 – In training, as in life, you must always aim for quality, not quantity.

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