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Tiger of Kai Gi


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Limited Edition Tiger of Kai Gi

The Takeda clan ruled from the Kai province for 400 years (12th to 16th century in Japan). They quickly rose and became one of the most powerful clans in feudal Japan. They where known as the RED ARMY. The Takeda banner stated "fu rin ka zan" (wind, forest, fire, mountain) which stands for swift as the wind, silent as the forest, intrusive as fire, and immovable as a mountain.

This Limited Edition honors Takeda Shingen the most prominent daimyo of this clan also know as THE TIGER OF KAI.
A clean design with many details. Definitely not your everyday gi.

  • 450 Pearl Weave 100% Cotton Jacket
  • 10 oz 100% cotton ripstop pants
  • rash guard lining on the inside/top of the jacket
  • ripstop lapel
  • High definition embroidery
  • exclusive zig-zag stitch on inner tapes
  • brushed cotton jacket (soft/comfortable)
  • light Pearl Weave outside the gusset, smooth light polyester lining inside to prevent chaving and allowing free movement.
  • Slim fit
  • reinforced knee pads
  • EVA foam collar with the perfect balance, not too hard (uncomfortable), not to soft (better grips for the opponent)
  • lightweight elastic drawstring on the pants

The fabric is pre-shrunk and will have minimal shrinkage if washed on cold water and line dried in the shade. You can adjust the overall size up to 4% by doing a controlled shrink. Wash it in warm water and dry it gradually from line dry, warm and hot in the machine settings, until it shrinks to your desired fit. This is a reference for height/weight ranges for a new/unwashed gi:

5’6″-5’9″ |150-170| = A1
5’9″-6’2″ |170-190| = A2
5’9″-6’2″ |190-210| = A2W
6’2″-6’4″ |190-220| = A3
6’4″-6’6″ |220-250| = A4

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